According to reports, Google and the U.S. Department of justice failed to reach an agreement on a protection order against third parties such as Microsoft, which provides data for the government to sue the search and advertising giant. On Friday, Google said in a court filing that the company was pressuring two in-house lawyers to obtain the confidential data, but the Justice Department and the state attorney general involved in the lawsuit disagreed. < / P > < p > Google said it needed the information to prepare for antitrust defences. Google said it would ensure that all confidential information is provided only to two in-house lawyers in Google’s external legal adviser’s office, or in other secure ways. At the same time, Google added that it would report as soon as anything needed to be disclosed. < / P > < p > in a separate document, the U.S. government said that allowing Google lawyers to view “strategic plans and other commercially sensitive information related to competitor voice assistants” was a dangerous option, as they could use the information to suppress potential competitors. The government also said that in a major technology antitrust case involving Microsoft 20 years ago, highly confidential documents were only available to outside lawyers of the company. < / P > < p > the companies involved in the Google case include Oracle, at & T Inc., Amazon, Comcast and others. They have to make recommendations on the terms of the protection order by next Friday. Amit Mehta, a district court judge for the District of Columbia, is in charge of the Justice Department case against Google. Since last October, the U.S. government filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing the $1 trillion company of illegally using its market influence to suppress competitors. The lawsuit is also the biggest challenge to the strength and influence of large technology companies in decades. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract