Voice controlled virtual assistants such as Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and apple Siri have changed the way many of us interact with mobile phones, the web, and even our families. Whether it’s searching for trivial information, reading bedtime stories, or dimming the lights for movie time, these AI driven assistants try to reduce the stress of life by eliminating the need for body movements. We can direct them to do something. < / P > < p > however, before today, when it comes to third-party applications on Android, Google assistant did not provide this convenience on its own site. Today, all of this has changed because it has finally learned how to put all these apps into the camp and listen to the call. < / P > < p > Google assistant has been able to open apps, but this is the farthest it can take you, and then let you explore the app yourself with your fingers. However, starting today, it doesn’t just take you into the app, it does search within the app immediately, freeing your hands to do anything. Just say a magic word, for example: & quot; hey, Google, search Etsy for Candles & quot;, and you can enjoy shopping. < / P > < p > even better, you can also create command shortcuts for these commands. Voice commands should not be more inconvenient than tapping with your fingers, so now you can create custom shortcut phrases to avoid wordiness. Just say & quot; hey, Google, tie it & quot; to tighten your nike electric laces, like a secret language only you and your Google assistant can understand. < / P > < p > the deep integration of Google assistant with Android applications supports common applications such as twitter, discord, Nike adapt, run club, discord, spotify and even Wal Mart. This is still a very limited application to say the problem. At present, only more than 30 top-level applications of Google play store support it, but more application promises will come soon. Hopefully, Google assistant will soon be able to meet your android app needs, allowing you to start living, rather than living on your phone. Global Tech

By ibmwl