A new leaked Google source lists three unpublished pixel phones, including pixel 5, pixel 4A and pixel 4A 5g. Google has updated the camera App for Android 11 beta, and the code in the 7.5 app reveals what the pixel camera will have in the near future. Motion blur, audio zoom and flash intensity are all new features added to the camera App code, some of which may be available on pixel 5 later this year.

this year’s pixel flagship will be a disappointing compromise. According to some leaked information, pixel 5 will adopt the midrange 5g processor, and the snapdragon 765G will be the same chip used by oneplus Nord, LG, Samsung, Nokia and other midrange mobile phones. The processor will not be comparable to the 865 chips in most of the 2020 Android flagship, nor will it have a chance to compete with the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. As I explained recently, considering what you’re paying for, Nord now seems to be a better option than pixel 5. But pixel 5 does have one advantage over most Android competitors: the camera. The phone is expected to offer better camera performance than its predecessors.

Google released camera 7.5 update to Android 11 beta users, and 9to5 Google analyzed the code in which it plans to release three mobile phones this year, including pixel 4a (sunfish), pixel 4A 5g (Brahm) and pixel 5 (red fin). Pixel 5 XL is not mentioned in the code, and there is no internal name indicating that pixel 5 XL is in production.

the camera app shows that Google is preparing applications for future hardware. An internal code name called “lasagna” appears to be a placeholder name for the function of providing the motion blur effect. Motion blur mode may appear along with other Google camera models, such as night vision, time-lapse photography, etc. From the appearance, the function can provide some virtual effects for moving targets, but it is not clear how the function will work. Google has been working on this feature since pixel 4, but it has never entered the final pixel 4 camera App.

the camera App code also shows that audio zoom will appear on future pixel phones, a feature already available on other smartphones. Audio zoom mode will allow the microphone to zoom in a specific direction when recording amplified video. 9to5 Google pointed out that special hardware may be required for this feature, as enabling it has no direct impact on the current device. A feature called flash intensity was also found in the code, which was also designed to provide immediate results, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the flash when shooting in low light.

Finally, the camera App’s video sharing feature will allow you to share videos on a variety of social networks, including Google Apps, as well as many third-party services. It is not clear which features will be exclusive to pixel 5 and which will go into other pixel smartphones at present. But Google is preparing camera apps to support these additional modes and features in the near future.