Google has teamed up with Disney and Lucas to bring the Star Wars series the Mandalorian into augmented reality. According to the description of the app in the play store, the company announced this morning to launch a new Android ar app & quot; the Mandalorian & quot; AR experience. The app will show the iconic moments of the first season of the show in the form of AR, so that fans can trace the steps of Mandalorian, find the child, and control the force. < / P > < p > in this app, users will be able to trace the characters mando, DIN djarin and the child, interact with characters, and create scenes that can be shared with friends. Starting today, November 23, the app will release new ar content every Monday for nearly a year until October 31, 2021. This makes it a longer-term promotion than some of the other star wars experiences Google has offered in the past. < / P > < p > at the same time, the app itself takes advantage of arcore, Google’s Developer Platform for augmented reality experience, to create scenarios that interact with the user’s environment. This more immersive design means fans will be able to unlock additional effects based on their actions. The app also uses Google’s new arcore depth API to enable the application to achieve occlusion. This makes the AR scene more naturally integrated with the environment seen through the smartphone camera. < / P > < p > however, since the app is a showcase of Google’s latest AR technology, it can’t be applied to all Android devices. Google said the app will only support compatible 5g Android devices, including its 5g Google pixel smartphone and other selected 5g Android phones, which have been updated with Google play services for AR, and players can check whether your Android phone supports it in the list provided on the Google developer website. The company also noted that other phones may be supported in the future. While the experience requires a 5g enabled Android device, Google says you don’t have to be on an active 5g connection to use the app. On the contrary, this requirement is more about the technology contained in these devices than the signal itself. < / P > < p > in the past few years, Google has cooperated with Lucas pictures to carry out promotional marketing activities to show the services or technologies of both parties. As early as 2015, Google, for example, allowed users to make Star Wars theme changes to its apps, which benefited its services such as Gmail, maps, youtube, and chrome. Over the past few years, it has also launched AR and VR experiences with Star Wars content as its theme. Users can now download the Mandalorian ar experience for free on the play store. Global Tech