Google has created a huge monopoly Empire, including favoring its own services and products and suppressing services provided by competitors, the U.S. government antitrust sub committee said in an antitrust report on Thursday. < / P > < p > the committee claims that Google, an alphabet subsidiary, dominates markets from advertising to maps by taking advantage of its own services to crush third-party competitors. The report also warned that Google’s growing cloud business and acquisition plans for Fitbit could further strengthen this unfair monopoly. < / P > < p > the nearly 450 page report, overseen by the majority of the committee, includes hearings, interviews and information gathered from 1.3 million documents. The report concludes that Google and Amazon, apple and Facebook enjoy monopoly power, and the sub committee recommends that Congress amend the anti-monopoly law to force them to spin off some businesses and make the acquisition more difficult. “The dominant company in general online search is Google, which accounts for 81% and 94% of general search queries on desktop computers and mobile devices in the United States,” the report said < / P > < p > the report also shows: “Google has abused its power as an online search leader, forcing vertical websites to hand over valuable data and use its search advantage to enter adjacent markets. In addition, Google has taken advantage of its dominant position in the search engine field and its control over the Android operating system to expand its share of the web browser market and favor other businesses under it. ” In a statement, Google accused lawmakers of helping its competitors more than thinking from the perspective of consumers. < / P > < p > “Google’s free products like search, maps and Gmail have helped millions of Americans, and we’ve invested billions of dollars in R & D to create and improve these products. We compete fairly in a fast changing and competitive industry. We disagree with today’s reports, which contain allegations from commercial competitors that search and other services are outdated and inaccurate. ” < / P > < p > “Americans just don’t want Congress to destroy Google’s products or damage the free services they use every day. The purpose of antitrust law is to protect consumers, not to help commercial competitors. Many of the proposals spread in today’s report – whether it’s splitting companies or weakening Article 230 – will do real harm to consumers, to America’s technological leadership, and to the U.S. economy. ” < / P > < p > the report said Google promoted its products by putting its services at the top of search results and “cracked down on competitors” through “forced algorithmic penalties.”. < / P > < p > many companies, including large listed companies and those considered by Google as competitors, told the subcommittee that they “rely heavily on Google’s traffic, and there is no other search engine to replace it.” < p > < p > in the search advertising area where Google has “great market influence,” Google has taken advantage of competitors and consumers, according to the report. These include blurring the distinction between paid advertising and organic advertising, which may be seen as a violation of section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, which prohibits businesses from cheating consumers. < / P > < p > the report also said that some companies complained that they were forced to invest more money in Google advertising because Google made it more difficult for their products to appear in regular search results. “< p > < p > the report states:” some market participants told the staff of the sub committee that the increase in their advertising spending on Google is largely due to the fact that Google makes it harder for companies to get organic traffic. Part of the reason is that Google is more biased towards its products, forcing companies that have been downgraded to pay Google advertising placement fees to regain visibility. ” The report also said Google will use data collected from its operating system Android and chrome for other business areas. “Perhaps most importantly, chrome provides a way for Google to control access to its core markets, online search and online advertising,” the Subcommittee wrote The report also mentions Google’s acquisition of doubleclick, an advertising technology company, in 2007. The Commission accused Google of merging the Internet user data collected by doubleclick with Google products (including Google maps and Gmail), which Google had promised not to do before the acquisition. The report said it was a “bait and switch” and said it was a more important issue for regulators to consider when evaluating Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit, a fitness tracker. Google’s offer to buy Fitbit has been on hold for nearly a year in the approval process. < / P > < p > over the years, Google executives have deliberately instilled unfair behavior in their employees, encouraging them to use Google’s leading search engine to promote other products, the report said. < p > < p > in 2009, the current CEO, Sundar Pichai, led the development of the Chrome web browser. At that time, he encouraged the chrome team to continue “through extensive chrome” and “push users to set chrome as the default browser,” according to the report. In its report, the sub committee wrote: “in 2009, there was an e-mail among chrome employees, which read,” frankly, I found that Google promoted Google Chrome very high-profile, which is very surprising. ” In 2010, Eric Schmidt, then CEO of Google, said in a company wide speech that the rise of cloud computing meant that browsers, the main way users access the cloud, would be “more and more critical to Google’s success”, which further encouraged this overlapping promotion. “Specifically, Google’s documents show that the company is focused on designing chrome features to provide a better application experience, such as youtube and search, which other browsers lack,” the report said < / P > < p > recently, in 2018, Google and the Google play team launched a new project to provide game developers with Google cloud platform points based on the cost of game stores, so as to “increase the attention to the game and encourage game developers to migrate to the Google cloud platform”. < / P > < p > citing a recent internal document from Google cloud, Google’s documents show that the company is considering bundling its popular machine learning service with other products that Google “seeks to promote.”. The internal file < / P > < p > wrote: “the question we need to consider is whether we use entry points with large queries to let customers use all services such as data proc and data flow as a suite, and give them a price discount on the analysis suite, because if they use all the other services, it will be difficult for them to migrate from us.” Privacy Policy