Traditionally, Americans gather with friends and family every Thanksgiving to share a feast of roast turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, foreign media CNET reported. But because of the covid-19 pandemic, this year’s celebrations will be somewhat different, and Americans are reducing the risk of infection and transmission of the new crown by not travelling and avoiding large gatherings. < / P > < p > at first glance, the graffiti seems simple, perhaps reflecting the low mood at the end of this difficult year. But with the fall of autumn leaves, the sun gradually disappeared in the hazy sky, keeping the social distance of small animals while preparing a feast, while exchanging greetings among the branches. Google uses its doodle to remind people to thank their loved ones far and near. Thanksgiving is usually one of the busiest travel times of the year, but the Centers for Disease Control and prevention has officially advised people not to travel because of the surge in new cases. But if people plan to travel, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention has updated safety guidelines during the Thanksgiving holiday. The agency also lists recommendations for festivals and small gatherings. Global Tech