He was the first of many honors: the first black faculty member at the London School of economics, the first black chair at a British university, and the first black faculty member to receive a full professorship at Princeton University. Lewis won the Nobel Prize in economics in 1979. His main contribution is to establish a model of how economic power affects developing countries. He is the first black man to receive the Nobel Prize for non peace and the only black man to receive the Nobel Prize for scientific research. < p > < p > mentioning him, he has to mention his most classic theory: Lewis turning point, which was first proposed in 1968 to describe that after the cheap rural labor force is fully absorbed by economic growth, wages will rise significantly. Lewis used this theory to show that the process of industrialization and urbanization is the best way to solve the problem of rural poverty. Among many valuable achievements, Lewis has contributed influential work to the United Nations and shared his expertise as an adviser to governments in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. &Google said in an article about Lewis. Lewis was born in the Caribbean country of Saint Lucia in 1915. He was awarded the title of professor at the age of 33. In 1963, he was knighted by the British government. He died in 1991. Global Tech