Google celebrated Jovita ID á R, a Mexican American journalist, educator, nurse and activist, with doodle on its homepage on Monday. Born in 1885 in Texas, ID á R is known for her public opposition to discrimination, women’s suffrage and recognition of the importance of Mexican culture. In 1914, ID á r continued her pioneering journalism in El Progresso. She was never afraid to express her voice, and in her editorial she expressed criticism of the involvement of the US military in the Mexican Revolution, which led to the Texas Rangers trying to close the publication. As the police officers cycled to El Progresso’s office, ID á r blocked their way and forced them to turn back – a scene reproduced in Monday’s doodle art. This memorial service coincides with the first Mexican Congress commemoration held from September 14 to 22, 1911. ID á R and her family helped set up first Mexican Congress to organize Mexican Americans across Texas to fight for civil rights. She also founded and presided over the Mexican women’s Union, a group focused on educational, social and political issues. Global Tech