Alphabet’s Google faces a new antitrust case in India, accusing Google of abusing its Android operating system’s leadership in the smart TV market. The accusation from India is Google’s fourth biggest antitrust challenge. India is one of Google’s major markets. Currently, Google is facing public criticism from local start-ups in India. Indian enterprises say that some policies implemented by Google have damaged the development and growth of local enterprises. At the same time, Google is facing new antitrust challenges in the United States. China may also conduct an antitrust investigation against Google. The main content of the investigation will be that Google is suspected of using its dominant position of Android mobile operating system to curb competition. Google denied any wrongdoing. < / P > < p > according to people familiar with the matter, the competition Council of India (CCI) has been investigating the charges against Google’s anti competitive behavior since June this year, trying to find out whether Google has set up barriers for companies that want to use or develop an Android operating system (such as Amazon fire TV) and whether there is anti competitive behavior. < / P > < p > the antitrust case in India was initiated by two Indian antitrust lawyers, ksitiz Arya and purushottam Anand. They all confirmed their alleged abuse of power by Google in the smart TV market, but declined to comment further. A Google spokesman declined to comment on the grounds that a lawsuit against the antitrust agency was pending. Amazon and CCI did not respond to requests for comment. < / P > < p > If antitrust regulators find the charges justified, they may order a broader investigation into Google or dismiss the case outright. < / P > < p > smart TVs (including some with WiFi capabilities) are becoming more and more popular in India, often with apps for streaming media services such as Netflix and Youtube. < / P > < p > according to counterpoint research, 8 million smart TVs will be sold in India in 2019. Three fifths of smart TVs sold in India use Google’s Android system. Nearly 99% of India’s 500 million smartphone users use Android. According to sources, the latest case alleges that agreements reached between Google and companies such as Xiaomi and TCL India, a TV manufacturer, effectively prevent other companies from using Android and modified Android systems on their own devices. For example, according to the lawsuit against Google, if a company sells smartphones based on Google’s Android system, it cannot sell smart TVs based on competitive platforms such as Amazon fire TV system, according to sources. < / P > < p > conversely, if a company’s smart TV uses Amazon’s fire operating system, it cannot offer Google’s popular play store or Google Maps app on its smartphone. Xiaomi India and TCL Technology Group Corp TCL India and Google are both parties to the case. Xiaomi did not respond to requests for comment, while TCL declined to comment. < / P > < p > in 2018, CCI fined Google 1.36 billion rupees (US $18.5 million) for “search bias”, but an appeal is still pending. Last year, CCI also began investigating Google’s alleged abuse of its market dominance to weaken smartphone manufacturers’ ability to choose alternative versions of Android. Earlier this year, CCI began to investigate an antitrust case against Google, accusing Google of abusing its market leadership and unfairly promoting its mobile payment applications in China. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region