Google fiber is preparing to launch a faster option based on its existing 1000m plan. In a statement on Monday, Google said it plans to start testing a new 2gbps Internet plan with selected customers this fall, paving the way for a faster choice that will double the speed and not cost much more than Internet customers currently pay. < / P > < p > Google fiber began to offer 1 Gigabit Internet speed as early as 2010, but most consumers in the United States can’t get this option. Times are changing rapidly, and 1 Gigabyte of Internet options have grown dramatically around the world, including in the United States. The popularity of covid-19 highlights the importance of the Internet, and many people have turned to streaming media services for entertainment and video chat applications to collaborate. At the peak of the ban, due to the huge demand, Netflix and other large companies even have to take measures to reduce the use of bandwidth. In view of this, Google believes in its blog post that it has seen an unprecedented demand for & quot; and said that it will launch a 2G plan to meet this demand. < / P > < p > the Google fiber 2 Gigabit Internet program will cost $100 per month, with a new WiFi 6 mesh signal expander and router hardware with subscription. Google said: & quot; Google’s optical network is designed to have enough capacity for our customers to reach 2gbps with the right home hardware. &Of course, the biggest question is, how can we get this new plan? According to Google, the product will first be launched in Huntsville and Nashville for testing by Google fiber customers, and Google plans to expand the testing scope to more cities that include Google fiber services in the coming autumn season. < / P > < p > anyone interested in testing the program can choose to sign up for the Google fiber trusted tester program, and most of the Google fiber cities will get 2GB bandwidth options next year. Global Tech