The Australian Competition and Consumer Council (ACCC) has taken legal action against Google, a technology giant, accusing it of failing to inform customers correctly and without their consent when expanding its personal data use and privacy policies. The case focuses on the scene in 2016 when the company combined the personal information of users in Google accounts with their advertising activities on non Google websites.

“this means that the data about users’ non Google online activities becomes associated with their names and other identity information held by Google. Previously, this information has been kept separately from users’ Google accounts, which means that the data has no connection with individual users. “ACCC means.

ACCC also accused Google of using the merged information to improve the business performance of its advertising business: “we took this action because we believed that Google misled Australian consumers and did not let users know how the company planned to handle a large amount of their personal information, including Internet activities on sites unrelated to Google,” said rod, chairman of ACCC Sims said in a statement.

since the advent of coronavirus contact tracking apps, critics have been clamoring for privacy violations because they fear that they will be used to track users individually. Similarly, U.S. regulators have expressed concerns about how technology companies treat user data, and Congress called on CEOs of major Internet technology companies to attend a hearing on Wednesday.