Artificial intelligence makes our life better. Recently, the Google health team announced a partnership with mayo clinic to explore how to use artificial intelligence in cancer radiotherapy. According to the Google health team, radiation therapy is one of the most common cancer treatments, and artificial intelligence can help speed up the time required for radiotherapy. < / P > < p > the most energy-consuming step in the bilateral cooperation plan is the “contouring” technology, which can segment cancer areas and adjacent healthy tissues, which are usually vulnerable to radiation damage during treatment. The clinician must carefully draw the boundaries around the sensitive organs in the scan, which is a time-consuming process, which can take up to seven hours for a single patient. < / P > < p > Google’s health department is working with mayo clinic to research and develop an AI system that will support physicians, which will also help reduce the time required for planning and improve the efficiency of radiotherapy. There will be an algorithm that can help hospital staff to outline healthy tissues and organs from tumors. The research will also be studied in practical application. < / P > < p > Google Health and Mayo Clinic currently focus on head and neck cancer, which is difficult to outline. In the first phase of our study with Mayo Clinic, we wanted to develop and validate models and explore how to deploy AI systems in practice. The technology will not be used in clinical settings and will only use the data to be identified to develop algorithms. Global Tech