According to reports, Google’s investment has helped build India’s two youngest technology Unicorn companies: these two start-ups provide personalized news and entertainment for the world’s fastest-growing smartphone users. Glance is a company that pushes news and sports scores to locked cell phone screens. It is reported that after the completion of a round of financing led by Google, the company’s valuation has exceeded $1 billion. < / P > < p > Google and its U.S. Internet peers are steadily increasing their investment in India, and they have locked in the only country with a population of more than 1 billion after being rejected by China. From Amazon to Facebook, they all hope to take a share of India’s booming smartphone and online commerce, and eventually create a market that may compete with China, the world’s second largest economy. < / P > < p > Google has formed an alliance with Reliance Industries Ltd., led by Mukesh Ambani, with an investment of $4.5 billion and cooperation on technology projects, including the development of affordable mobile phones. But they also work with smaller companies to target more local audiences. < / P > < p > “in the past two years alone, 100 million new Internet users have been added to rural India,” Google vice president Caesar sengupta wrote in a blog post announcing his investment in verse on Tuesday. “But many Internet users still have difficulty finding content that they can read in their native language or services that they can use with ease.” < / P > < p > of the two companies, glance digital experience PVT, headquartered in Bangalore, southern India, is a younger company and the second Unicorn company to create cloud marketing platform inmobi group. The group was founded by 43 year old Naveen Tewari, who graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of technology with an MBA from Harvard Business School. On Tuesday, his 18 month old company announced that it had acquired investments from Google and Mithril capital, the venture capital arm of billionaire Peter Thiel. < / P > < p > currently, grace has 115 million daily active users, who spend an average of 25 minutes on the app every day. The app only runs in the Android ecosystem and works with leading device manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and Xiaomi oppovivo. < / P > < p > tewali said that through cooperation with Google, the company plans to promote its products to other regions in Asia and launch them in the United States and South America in 2021, when the company will cooperate with operators in the United States. He also said that glance is currently focused on acquiring users and has just started experimenting with an advertising based profit model. < / P > < p > Google has also joined Microsoft and alphavave in financing verse. Verse’s dailyhunt has attracted more than 300 million users and offers 14 local languages to choose from. < / P > < p > Goldman Sachs and Sequoia Capital India are also investors in verse. Verse said it plans to expand the size of the application Josh, expand its content creation ecosystem, and develop artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help it attract a wider audience. It will also explore potential initiatives in other international markets outside its home market where there is a demand for domestic content. < / P > < p > Josh is tailor-made for India and offers a variety of local languages. It claims to be “made in India”, while its competitor tiktok and dozens of other applications made in China have been banned due to privacy and national security issues. According to a statement from the company, the app’s monthly active users soon reached 77 million and now plays more than 1.5 billion videos a day. Global Tech