Just search for “election results” in the search box of Google and its associated services, and the system will pop up a special function to provide the latest election related information. At the same time, it can also be searched through Google assistant on smart speakers and other devices. < / P > < p > this is the latest of several attempts by Google to prepare for a potentially chaotic voting and counting process. Google announced last month that it would ban advertising related to the U.S. election after the voting ended on November 3 in an attempt to prevent candidates from claiming victory prematurely. At the same time, the company released an update on potential election related hacking activities, added a section on YouTube to address voting related misinformation, and launched Google News Center for the 2020 election. Starting at the beginning of this month, users can also find the location of polling stations by searching or mapping. < / P > < p > the company has provided such features in previous elections, and Google launched the & quot; election Boom & quot; tool in 2016 in collaboration with the associated press. But the pressure on digital platforms to provide accurate information during the 2020 election is particularly high. Many of the votes may be mailed a few days after the vote is over, allowing time for unverified fake messages to spread on sites such as youtube and Google search. < / P > < p > other network platforms are launching similar information tools for elections. Yesterday, twitter added a banner to tell users that election results might be delayed, and provided information about voting by mail, and Facebook added a reminder function to its app. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4