Google has launched the Santa Tracker, which tracks how happy Santa gives gifts around the world. The Santa Tracker website has a real-time “tracker” of Santa’s path. For example, it can track Santa’s departure from Madagascar around 11 a.m. Pacific time. < / P > < p > in addition to tracking the path, Google also has a running “gift giving” counter and a constantly updated “next stop” list to show where Santa is going. The site is similar to the Santa Claus tracker of nadc, a long-term annual project of nadc. < / P > < p > Google tracker can also be used as a lovely way to entertain children. In addition, it also includes a small number of small games, including a small game called elf glider. Users can use the keyboard as a Santa sprite on the hang glider, press the space bar to drop the gift to the chimney while avoiding obstacles. It’s all fun before the festival. < / P > < p > 2. Users can passively see Santa’s current location and explore the world. If you go too far, click on the icon of Santa’s hat, and he will go back to the sled immediately. < / P > < p > 3. Click the & quot; hamburger & quot; menu composed of three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen to interact with Santa Claus and his friends in different ways. For example, you can get Santa Claus to come out and take a selfie or have a snowball fight. < / P > < p > 4. When Santa draws his route on the earth, keep his voice, hear the festival music and ELF laughter, or click the mute button if you like to enjoy Santa quietly. < / P > < p > 5. Continue to scroll down to play winter and Christmas related games with animated genies. Google’s website said it will continue to be online until the end of December. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States