, will take children to see carefully planned apps, videos and books. The apps will receive & quot; Teacher Recognition & quot; badge certification, a Google project launched in April. < / P > < p > the content is rated by teachers who work with Google to select apps based on age suitability, learning and positive information. The videos will come from YouTube kids, a child friendly version of Google’s big video site. The search giant said it worked with publishers to provide a library of more than 400 free books. < / P > < p > kids space will only work on tablets running Android mobile operating system, not Apple’s iPad. It will first be pre installed on a number of Chinese company Lenovo’s tablets, including a new device, tab m10hd Gen 2, which will be released on Monday. Mindy Brooks, Google’s director of children and home user experience, said in an interview that the content on kids space would provide personalized services for each user, but the data from the service would not be used for advertising for children. < / P > < p > the launch comes at the beginning of the school year, and families rely on distance learning as many schools are still closed to fight the spread of coronavirus. Google’s kids space feature is not for courses or formal learning, but for children to have more activities in their spare time. The announcement is likely to worry Google’s critics, who fear that the search giant has become too involved in children’s lives. Google and Youtube have been punished in the past for how they treat children’s content. Last September, the Federal Trade Commission imposed a record $170 million fine and new requirements on the company for violating Coppa, a federal law that protects children’s online data. In response, video sites have made significant changes in how they treat children’s videos, including limiting the data it collects from these views. Privacy Policy