Glance, an Indian start-up that offers news, media content and games on more than 100 million smartphone lock screens, has a new investor: Google. Glance, a two-year-old advertising giant affiliated to inmobi group, said on Tuesday it had raised $145 million in a new round of financing led by Google and existing investor Mithril partners. < / P > < p > grace uses AI to provide personalized experience for users. The local news screen and game lock replace the original empty news related services. At the end of last year, inmobi acquired roposo, a Gurgaon based start-up, enabling it to launch short videos on the platform. Google is also investing in roposo. < / P > < p > grace is pre installed on several smartphones. The subsidiary works with almost all major Android smartphone manufacturers, including Xiaomi and Samsung. The service has accumulated more than 115 million daily active users. < / P > < p > “glance is a good example of an innovative solution to mobile priority and mobile dedicated consumption, serving content in many local languages in India,” Google vice president Caesar sengupta said in a statement. “There are still too many Indians who have difficulty finding content or services that they can safely use and read in their own language. This greatly limits the value of the Internet to them, especially at a time when the Internet is the lifeline of many people. This investment highlights our firm belief in working with Indian innovation and entrepreneurship companies and our common goal of building a truly inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone. ” < / P > < p > Google said on Tuesday that it was also investing in verse innovation, an Indian start-up that provides vernacular content in 14 languages through platforms such as dailyhunt and Josh apps. Verse innovation said it had completed a round of more than $100 million in financing involving Google, Microsoft and Alphawave. < / P > < p > both of Google’s funds come from its digital India Fund announced this year. Google has promised to invest $10 billion in India over the next few years. Prior to today, the company invested $4.5 billion in Indian telecom giant Jiao platforms from the fund. Global Tech