Google announced today (December 8 local time) that a new experimental Android App aims to make it easier for users with language and motor disabilities to communicate. The look to speak app allows users to use their eyes to select pre selected phrases on the phone’s screen. It works for everyone and is compatible with Android 9.0 and above, including Android one. < p > < p > Google’s language and language therapist Richard cave is a very professional expert working with people with language and motor disorders – especially those who are nonverbal and need communication help. “For me, it’s not just a job, it’s a passion,” cave said in his blog post about the app. “Every day, I’m trying to help people find a simpler, easier to understand way to express their daily needs, opinions, feelings, and identity.” < / P > < p > the app runs on mobile devices and supports more complex assistive technologies. With the phone slightly below the eye level, the user looks left or right, selects from a list of phrases, and the phone says them out loud. Cave points out that these phrases can be personalized so that users can share their real voice. According to Google, all the data in the app is private and will never leave the phone. < / P > < p > however, this app has one drawback: its settings assistant menu cannot be accessed through eye gaze, but needs to manually click on the phone screen. The phrase can be set in the gaze menu. < p > < p > cave said that look to speak contacted people who might benefit from the app and found it helpful in environments where other assistive devices are not available, such as on the road, in the shower, in an emergency or outdoors. Global Tech