In May last year, Google released the pixel 3A series of mid end smart phones with relatively affordable prices. However, due to the epidemic, we did not see the new pixel 4A series machines in the same period of this year. As time goes on, people can’t help worrying about the release date of pixel 4A and even pixel 5 series. It was rumored earlier that pixel 5 might be released in October this year. If Google decides to choose the Qualcomm snapdragon 765G chipset for Google, the positioning of pixel 4A will be quite embarrassing.

the source Jon Prosser had expected the opportunity to be released on Monday, July 13, but according to the latest news, pixel 4A may come within the next two weeks.

even if Google chooses to release pixel 4A on August 3 (the first Monday of the month), it will not have any impact on Samsung Galaxy note 20 series smart phones (announced on August 5) two days later. After all, they are targeted at different audiences.

However, Jon Prosser also pointed out that Google pixel 4A may have lost a lot of attraction with the release of the new oneplus Nord midrange machine with the same configuration.