Google meet can now filter out noisy sounds, thanks to noise cancellation on Android and IOS. Google meet can filter out background noise and make calls possible in any environment. This includes keyboard typing, door opening and closing, and the building outside the window;. Google’s work in cloud AI seeks to isolate any voice that is not you. < / P > < p > to enable, click the & quot; more & quot; menu, select & quot; settings & quot; and then click & quot; noise reduction & quot;. By default, if & quot; non voice is an important part of your call, such as playing an instrument & quot;, Google recommends that it be disabled. < / P > < p > at the same time, the video conference service has added attendance reports for schools and educators. Organizers of G Suite Enterprise for education will now be able to get an attendance report at the end of the meeting. Sent by email, it is suitable for Google meet conversations of 5 to 250 participants. It includes their name, email (or phone number), joining / exiting time, and the length of the session. Google hopes attendance reports will help conference organizers track who attended their meetings and how long they attended, making them ideal for online education events. Global Tech