According to foreign media reports, earlier this year, the beta code found in Google’s messages app hinted at the upcoming Emoji Emoji response support.

at present, there are seven animation expressions to choose from: like, love, laugh, surprise, sadness, anger and disgust. Remember that users must enable the chat feature of messages to send Emoji Emoji responses.

Google is also expanding the smart reply feature of messages, which was launched last year when Android 10 was launched on pixel devices. Now, when the user turns on the smart reply suggestion, the feature displays the sticker as the user types. At present, it is recommended that the stickers only support the English version.

another additional feature of messages is a local media editor, which allows users to write a text or draw a picture on it with its built-in camera. In addition, there is now a special voice message sending button. Users can start recording by pressing and holding the microphone button in the composition column. Finally, Google now allows users to start a two person video call with a chat person by clicking the video call button in the upper right corner of the message.