In a blog post today (December 14 local time), Google outlined the arrival of the popular teleconference platform and pointed out that it had begun to be promoted to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. This high-profile feature comes as an “early preview,” which means users have to choose to accept the firmware before it’s widely available – although the company insists that it’s not a software beta, it basically provides the same experience as a mass release. < / P > < p > nest hub Max users need a free or paid zoom account if they want to use this feature. Users need to link their account to the device and add an invitation to Google Calendar to host the meeting. The feature will also take advantage of new features from Google and nest WiFi – where applicable – giving priority to wireless bandwidth for conference calls. < / P > < p > zoom is one of the many video conferencing services already available on Facebook portal. In August, Amazon announced that the software would be installed on the echo show device by the end of the year, but has not given an exact date. As for the standard nest hub, there is no camera on Google display for privacy reasons. Global Tech