Google announced today that it will rename its office application suite “g suite” to “Google workspace”. As early as 2016, Google announced that it would build a new enterprise office service based on the original enterprise office application “Google Apps for work”, and named it “g suite”. G suite includes some popular Google applications, such as Google Gmail, Google cloud hard disk, Google chat, Google Calendar and Google Documents. < / P > < p > Google’s renaming of G suite coincides with the launch of some new functions, such as the integration of Google meet video call service and Google doc services. Today, users can have a video chat with colleagues in a small box in the corner of the document editing window. Analysts say the new coronavirus epidemic has boosted the demand for online business tools and forced companies such as Google and Microsoft to re provide their services in an effort to meet the demand for online office work. Javier solero, Google’s vice president, said the change showed that work was no longer confined to the physical space of the office. Analysts also said the changes could help Google increase revenue and become a stronger challenger to Microsoft. Currently, Microsoft Office 365 is more popular with other users. Global Tech