The company briefly tested a new project earlier this year, using artificial intelligence to recommend 10 of the month’s best photos, then print them out and send them to users. But Google ended the test on June 30. < / P > < p > during the trial period, Google provided users with a monthly subscription of $7.99, which automatically selected 10 photos from three subjects, including people and pets, landscapes or “all in one” hybrid photos. The 4 × 6 photos are printed on matte white cardboard with a 1 / 8 inch border. < / P > < p > the upcoming new subscription, using feedback from early testing, now gives users more control over the print they receive and how they look. It also reduced the price to $6.99 a month, including shipping and taxes. With the new premium print series, Google photos will use machine learning technology to print 10 of your most recent photos. But users can edit the selection of photos, they can choose matte or glossy surfaces, or add borders before the photos are shipped. < / P > < p > Google points out that these photos can be turned into postcards as a result of the cardboard shading. Subscribers can also choose to skip for a month and cancel the service easily if they are no longer in use. < / P > < p > recently, reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered this updated version of the service, which details new customization options and lower price points. < / P > < p > the company also launched the same day printing service on Tuesday in Walgreens, ready for immediate use. This expands Google photos’s existing day options to include CVs and Wal Mart’s same day pick-up service. < / P > < p > with the Google photos app, users can now order 4 × 6, 5 × 7, or 8 × 10 prints of photos at Walgreens and pick them up the same day. Google says that’s almost twice the number of stores that offer that day’s print to Google photos users. < / P > < p > in addition to printing and subscribing, Google photos continues to offer canvas printing and photo books – which now have up to 140 pages – as part of its online print store. Global Tech