According to foreign media reports, high quality photos and videos uploaded to Google photos will be included in users’ 15GB Google account storage space from June next year. When Google launched Google photos in 2015, the tech giant had given users the ability to upload unlimited amounts of “high-quality” photos. < / P > < p > Google said the change was made to provide users with a higher quality experience and plans to further develop Google photos in the future. < / P > < p > only photos uploaded after June 1, 2021 will be included in the 15GB limit per Google account or the additional storage space purchased through Google one. The company points out that the storage space of Google accounts is shared between Google drive, Gmail and Google photos, which means users’ new photos will compete for space with email attachments and any files stored on Google drive. < / P > < p > pixel users are the only users who don’t have to worry about this change. After June 1, 2021, all high-quality videos and photos will continue to be free from change. Take into account how often users will be able to account for the amount of personalized content that users are likely to provide and how often to store photos. < / P > < p > in June 2021, Google will release a new tool in the photo app to allow users to manage photos and videos. The tool will analyze users’ videos and photos and recommend deleting any videos and photos that appear to be of poor quality. < / P > < p > Google suggests that users who need more space can consider purchasing additional storage through Google one, with plans for 100GB starting at $1.99 per month. < / P > < p > users with Apple ID can consider backing up their images via icloud. At $0.99 a month, users can get 50GB of storage and sync on all Apple devices. At $2.99 a month, users get 200 GB of storage. For users who really need a lot of backup, the $9.99 tier provides 2TB of storage per month. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen