On September 11, according to foreign media reports, many netizens reported on Google forum and reddit about the battery bulging problem of Google pixel 3 and pixel 4 series models. Some netizens have shown pictures of pixel 3 series battery packs on reddit. As shown in the picture, the battery has lifted the back cover of the mobile phone. < p > < p > foreign media pointed out that the battery bulging of Google pixel series models may be related to the use of wireless charger Google pixel stand. Wireless charging will lead to battery overheating and battery bulging. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that this problem is not only limited to the Google pixel 3 series models, but also to the Google pixel 4 XL, where the battery is bulging and wireless charging is not available. < / P > < p > a Google pixel 4 XL user posted that the early shutdown of Google pixel 4 XL may be related to the battery pack. < p > < p > fortunately, Google said it would replace its pixel model with a new device for free, even if it was already insured. Global Tech