Google is expected to launch the pixel 4A 5g and pixel 5 later this year, but despite earlier rumors that the flagship will come with a 6.67 inch display, its battery capacity is quite disappointing, according to a source. According to reports, Google is testing aggressive battery saving technology, and if things don’t go well, the company may switch to 90hz instead of 120Hz.

new news now claims that the device may have a 3080 MAH battery. The discontinued pixel 4 XL has a smaller display but a larger 3700mah battery. Obviously, the source believes that Google is testing the same battery optimization technology as the product, even if the battery capacity is small, battery life can be improved.

However, it is said that Google will insist on using the same QHD + resolution on pixel 5, but a higher resolution will impose a greater burden on the battery and reduce the user’s screen opening time. Depending on pixel 5’s battery life, Google may maintain the 120Hz refresh rate previously mentioned by display analyst Ross young, or reduce it to 90hz to save battery life.

according to the leaked AI benchmark, pixel 5 will use snapdragon 765G instead of the more powerful and expensive snapdragon 865. Therefore, in terms of performance, Google’s upcoming flagship will not compete with other high-end Android smartphone camps, but a less powerful SOC will also improve battery life, which is said to be Google’s ultimate goal. Global Tech