Google pixel series as Google’s own son series, the past four generations of main products have used snapdragon top-level processor. We’ve learned a long time ago that this year’s pixel 5 series will use the snapdragon 765G processor, a high-end product in the high-end 7Nm process, but this may not be a bad thing for Google. Due to the new crown epidemic, the release time of this product has been delayed. However, Google has confirmed that it will officially launch pixel 5 and pixel 4A 5g on September 30 local time. < / P > < p > close to previous rumors, the pixel 5 series will be positioned at the mid to high end rather than the flagship: the screen size is expected to be 6 inches, the resolution is 1080p, and the refresh rate is 90hz. With the snapdragon 765G processor, this product will also become the first pixel product to support 5g common functions. < / P > < p > like last year’s pixel 4 series, the pixel 5 has two cameras at the back, which are 12.2 million main cameras and 16 million wide-angle cameras, and the front-end is 8 million pixels. In terms of battery capacity, pixel 5 will have a large battery of 4080 MAH, which is the first product in the pixel product line with a battery capacity exceeding 4000 MAH. It is worth mentioning that last year’s pixel 4 battery capacity was only 2800 MAH. After using the flagship processor and the 90hz screen, the pixel 4 series’s endurance has been a headache for Google. < / P > < p > regarding the appearance of this product, the well-known digital tubing master, Dave Lee, has obtained the die of pixel 5. He said the model will be very close to the real pixel 5. It can be seen from the figure that the size of pixel 5 is basically the same as that of pixel 4 last year. It is worth mentioning a series of pixel recognition modules. This shows that motion sense, the main face recognition feature of pixel 4 series, does not perform well in terms of user experience. < / P > < p > in addition, this pixel 5 mold has the same back cover radian as pixel 4a. However, he said it would be difficult to achieve such a large arc on the aluminum frame (the pixel 4 series uses glass and aluminum, while the 4A uses plastic), so he thinks the pixel 5 will use plastic instead of glass and metal. < / P > < p > compromises on processor and fabrication materials have also successfully lowered the price of pixel product line. According to some British retailers, the price of the product will be about $599, while German retailers have also revealed that the price of the product in Germany will be 629 euro. In contrast, the initial price of pixel 4 last year was $799 (64GB version). This year’s pixel 5 is likely to be available with only 128GB, and there is no XL version to choose from, but the price reduction is real. < / P > < p > in 2019, Google released its first mid tier flagship Google pixel 3A mobile phone. With its fluent native system, optimized Google software and an excellent single camera, this product, which costs only $399, became the “mainstay” of Google’s hardware revenue last year. The purpose of hardware is always to bring profits to enterprises. Pixel 5’s “active change”, for Google, is likely to be a good chess. Skip to content