A former Google Project Zero researcher will leave the security team and move to apple to help iPhone makers improve the security of IOS and other operating systems. On Saturday, Brandon Azad tweeted that he would leave Project Zero next week to work for apple. He will join apple and continue my work to improve the security of Apple devices;. < / P > < p > Project Zero is Google’s security research team, focusing on finding security issues and vulnerabilities in software, including Google’s own products and products of other large companies. The team is committed to improving the safety of devices and software used by the public by pointing out problems to equipment manufacturers and then ethical disclosure of the problems found. < / P > < p > this includes collecting zero click bugs in Apple’s image I / O framework that affect all of Apple’s major platforms, as well as discovering vulnerabilities discovered and exploited by hackers targeting the iPhone. < p > < p > Azad is famous for his work on IOS, and he has been “remembered” many times in Apple’s IOS and Mac OS patch instructions. By switching to apple, Azad may be able to help plug some of the security holes he discovers from the outside before they are discovered by research teams like project zero. < p > < p > in his tweet, Azad described his days at Project Zero & quot; as great & quot; and said it was a great honor to share this wonderful mission, and his colleagues were one of the kindest and smartest people I’ve ever met, and I’ve learned a lot from them. &He added, then thank them and urge them to continue with the mission of hackers;. Global Tech

By ibmwl