According to foreign media reports, if you dream of creating your own opera masterpiece, then Google is your backing. Recently, the company launched a non-profit art and culture project called blob opera. What exactly is blob opera? –A tool with colored spots. It is understood that one by one spots will fall on the screen, each singing different parts of the user’s future opera songs. < / P > < p > the user’s task is to move them back and forth, up and down, to change their tone and volume. At the same time, blob opera also records the results of users. < / P > < p > this tool is very simple to use because it’s interactive – for example, speckled eyes follow the user’s cursor, and they can click and mute whenever the user wants to. If you feel less creative, there’s also a toggle switch to turn on holiday music. < / P > < p > enabling this feature will bring up a list of song options. After clicking on one of the songs, spot will start singing the selected song, as well as Christmas hat and snow. You can then use the slider and mute button to modify the song. If you are tired of listening to the current music, click the stop button. < / P > < p > but the key part of this tool is that users don’t actually need to know anything about music to generate interesting songs. Although this is not the first music experiment released by Google, it is one of the most refined and easy to use. Now, users can try the tool themselves on Google’s Arts & culture website. Global Tech