The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which operates New York’s subway and bus commuter systems, is facing an embarrassing situation in which pornographic content has robbed Google’s search results. Earlier, Queens Daily Eagle published its findings in an article entitled “MTA pornography.”. It turns out that when people search ossing subway north station, Google search engine may return some ambiguous search results.

< / P > < p > the embarrassment is that this is not an isolated event. Foreign media verified many stations along the Hudson and North lines, and found that at least 13 stations’ name searches returned unexpected results. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > queens Daily Eagle believes that Google is mainly responsible for this matter, because both Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing search engines only returned g-level results, so the company obviously needs to reflect and investigate deeply. The foreign media pointed out that the problem was probably related to the reptiles robots.txt Description file. Although the normal site will tell the search engine which pages and files are allowed to be retrieved, some sites with ulterior motives use this to present some content in the search results that should not have appeared.