According to foreign media reports, Google officially announced on Thursday that its cloud game service, stadia, will land on Apple’s IOS platform in the form of a web application. Previously, Google has been unable to introduce stadia into IOS devices due to Apple’s own restrictions on cloud game services. < / P > < p > Google said it was always developing a web application version of stadia, which would run on the mobile version of Apple’s Safari browser, with a public beta in the next few weeks. < / P > < p > launched by Google a year ago, stadia allows users to play cloud based games on compatible laptops, desktops, macs, mobile phones and tablets. At least 10 Mb / s broadband connection is required, free to use, but the game needs to pay extra. Users can also upgrade to stadia Pro for $10 a month. However, Google announced that its first free games will soon be available in stadia. < p > < p > in late August, apple imposed restrictions on cloud game services on iphoneipads, not allowing apps from service providers such as Google and Microsoft to be put on the shelves in the app store. After being publicly boycotted by some companies, apple made concessions, but each single game had to be submitted to the Apple App store team for review. Many cloud game service providers are still reluctant to choose a web application version. For example, Microsoft decided to develop a web application version of xcloud for IOS. Now Google is following. < / P > < p > similarly, NVIDIA also announced that its cloud game service geforce now’s beta web application on IOS was launched on the same day, and plans to introduce fortrite into IOS devices. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure