Timnit gebru, a well-known AI researcher at Google, tweeted on Wednesday that she was suddenly fired from the company. After the news came out, gebru received a wide range of support, including both Google employees and other technology workers in the industry as a whole. Prior to his dismissal, gerbrough was the technical co head of Google’s ethical AI team, working in the areas of algorithmic bias and data mining. She is a prominent advocate of technological diversity and co founded a community of black researchers called black in AI. She has been vocal in her criticism of the way technology companies treat black employees, and implicitly criticized Google on twitter earlier Wednesday. < / P > < p > gerbrough claimed that she had received a dismissal email signed by Megan, who reported to Jeff Dean, Google’s head of artificial intelligence. She said the leadership described in the email had “speeded up” her departure because she sent an email earlier this week to women members and “allies” of Google brain, a research team for deep learning artificial intelligence at Google. < p > < p > gerbrough said her main company account with Google was cut off during her vacation. “I didn’t quit at the time – I asked for some simple terms and then said I’ll get back to you when I come back from vacation,” she wrote on twitter It is reported that in the email sent to her colleagues at Google, gbroo said that her superiors had suddenly asked her to withdraw a research paper, but had provided little information on what was wrong with the paper, and had not provided her with any opportunity to defend herself. She said in the email that the incident highlights a model of Google that verbally supports diversity without actually changing it. She added: “no matter how many documents, no matter how much dialogue, it is impossible to have any effect.” < p > < p > gerbrough claimed that the email she received from Google read: “thank you for making your terms clear, we can’t agree with the first and second of your request. We respect your decision to leave Google and accept your resignation. But we believe that you will leave more quickly than your email reflects, because some aspects of the email you sent to the non management staff of Google brain last night showed that your behavior did not meet the expectations of a Google manager. Therefore, we accept your resignation immediately and take effect today. We will send your last paycheck to your address on workday. When you come back from your vacation, the human operations specialist will contact you to coordinate the return of Google’s equipment and assets. ” Gebru was born and raised in Ethiopia, studied at Stanford University, majored in electrical engineering, and then worked for apple and Microsoft. During her tenure at Apple, she worked on the first generation iPad. She is known for her work on eliminating racial and gender bias in facial recognition systems. In 2018, gerbrough and joy buolamwini, a computer scientist at MIT, wrote a landmark research paper pointing out that IBM and Microsoft’s face recognition systems were very bad at recognizing dark people. Then Dean, Google’s head of artificial intelligence, publicly praised her on social media. < / P > < p > several former and current employees of Google and even technology workers in the whole industry have expressed their support for gebru on twitter, pointing out that it is ironic to dismiss an ethical leader in this way. Ellen Pao, former CEO of social news site reddit, tweeted: “I thought it was a joke because it would be ridiculous for someone to fire her, given her expertise, skills and influence. Many times I think there is no hope in the technology industry, and this is one of them. ” < p > < p > Kate Devlin, an artificial intelligence researcher at King’s College London, wrote on Twitter: “it’s terrible. Gerbrough is one of the best speakers in the field of artificial intelligence ethics. It’s a painful irony that what her employer Google has done to her is as dark as hell. ” < / P > < p > the incident comes after the National Labor Relations Board charged on Wednesday that Google was monitoring its employees, preventing them from sharing their dissatisfaction at work and retaliating against them. Privacy Policy