Google’s internal documents show that the company is demanding a more active review of the content of its internal message boards as staff discussions become more intense. Google’s internal community management team said more and more content was marked as racist and abusive on its internal message boards. The team believes this is due to more information shared by employees while working from home and an increase in “difficult global conversations.”. < / P > < p > as a result, the company has expanded the content audit pilot since 2019, covering more than 75 discussion groups on multiple platforms, and also requires the leaders of most discussion groups to play the role of auditor and complete audit training. In addition, regulations should be formulated to define the purpose of the group and ensure that the content is in line with the charter to ensure that the group dialogue is inclusive. In an internal blog, Google’s internal community management team said that it is precisely because of the complexity of the world today that there is an urgent need to ensure that the workplace becomes a popular place. Skip to content