Google recently announced that it will launch a new Google pay experience on IOS and Android, but the company didn’t share a full preview. In fact, it revealed that more information will be shared on November 18, local time. However, Google said iPhone and Android users will receive a new Google pay app “designed to help you improve your relationship with money.”. < / P > < p > Google has recently been working to improve Google pay, which was launched earlier this week in new markets such as Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Portugal. < / P > < p > according to MasterCard Europe, these new countries will join the existing European countries, which are gradually introduced to support contactless payment services. “MasterCard will work with a number of issuers and fintech companies to provide this service, including but not limited to Banca transilvania, bunq, CEC bank, curve, LHV pan, monese, n26, paynetics, revolut, swedbank, UniCredit Bank of Romania and viva wallet.” “This new product is an example of MasterCard’s continued commitment to bringing innovations that simplify people’s daily lives,” MasterCard said at a news conference on Tuesday. < / P > < p > Google hasn’t released any announcement about extending Google pay to more markets, but it is likely to share more information with the launch of new apps for iPhone and Android devices on the 18th. But at the same time, it is reported that Google may be exploring a method that Apple has accepted, possibly preparing a debit card for customers in the United States. < / P > < p > as a result, the potential Google card may further promote Google’s financial services, but it is not clear whether the search giant is ready to announce the new product. Global Tech