Google announced official Netflix streaming support for its nest hub and nest hub Max smart home devices. That means devices with Google screens can now be used as tiny smart TVs. So far, users can stream Netflix to the nest center via Google cast, and now their accounts can be tied directly to the device.

this makes it the first smart device to integrate with Netflix – although it is speculated that if things go well, Netflix may consider products like Amazon echo show or Facebook portal. Google has also implemented hands-free gestures to control the program, which can be suspended and continued with the user’s voice or a raised hand. You can also scroll the interface manually if you like.

so with these extra features, nest hub and nest hub Max are now small entertainment centers in addition to normal tasks.

in addition to Netflix support, Google has added cast support to peacock, a fledgling streaming service, which means it can join Hulu, Disney + and HBO Max because users can play videos on nest hub’s screen.