CNET confirmed that Google plans to block advertising related to the US presidential election on November 3. According to an email sent to advertisers by foreign media Axios, Google will implement a sensitive event policy on political advertising to avoid confusion. < p > < p > according to Axios, Google said in an email that it took the measure because “an unprecedented number of votes will be counted after this year’s election day” and that the policy will prevent advertisements that cite candidates, elections or election results. It will also be more widely applied to advertisements that refer to federal or state elections, as well as to election related search queries such as candidates. < / P > < p > the policy will apply to all Google advertising platforms, including Google ads, dv360, youtube and ADX authorized buyer. It is not clear when the blockade will be lifted. Google is not the only tech giant to restrict political advertising before and after the election. Twitter banned certain types of political advertising last year, and Facebook said earlier this month that it would limit political advertising a week before the U.S. election. Facebook is also reported to be rejecting ads for political events that announce victory before official results are available. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities