An AI tool created by Google researchers can turn graffiti into strange monsters. The tool, called chimera painter, uses machine learning to generate images from users’ rough sketches. The team behind chimera painter explained their approach and motivation in a blog post, saying their idea was to create a & quot; brush that behaves more like an assistant than a tool;. Chimera painter is just a prototype, but if such software becomes common, it can reduce the time required to create high-quality art. < / P > < p > the challenge for researchers is to create works of art for a fictional fantasy card game. In this game, players combined with the characteristics of different monsters, trained a machine learning model on the database of more than 10000 sample monsters, and these monsters themselves were partly generated by 3D models rendered by virtual engine. Each image is paired with a & quot; Segmentation & quot;, an overlay that divides the monster into anatomical parts such as claws, nose, and legs. < / P > < p > once the model is trained on these data, users can draw their own segmentation map, and then use the realistic texture of the photo to render. If you load chimera painter, you can see some preset monsters with impressive fidelity. However, it takes more time and energy to draw a similar object yourself. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia