The leak comes from the fact that someone was able to purchase photos of unpublished & quot; chromecast with Google TV & quot; device from the local Wal Mart in advance. Since then, they have released a series of photos of the attached hardware and the details of the instructions. < / P > < p > due to a series of leaks, we know that the core of the device appearing in the process of this year is an Android TV streaming device (now renamed Google TV), which can be controlled by the attached remote control, but it also supports chromecast streaming media in compatible applications. < / P > < p > these photos show the hardware from all angles, accurately describe how the remote controls of chromecast and Google TV work, and show the contents of the box. The device itself is powered by usb-c, and the remote control requires two AAA batteries. The < / P > < p > interface also lists several game categories, including games that can be played with the remote control, and other games that support game handles. But Google’s game streaming service, stadia, is not supported. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park