Google’s stadia cloud game service is now available on IOS through dedicated web applications, which means it can be played directly on the iPhone and iPad for the first time. Stadia is a cloud streaming game platform that allows you to play your favorite video games on any device. Google’s stadia web version can be run through Safari web browser, and it has started to appear as a public beta today. Friends who want to try can access it directly in the browser. < / P > < p > Google said Safari’s game experience is still under development, and with the collection of user experience data, more features and performance improvements will be added in the future. The stadia experience on IOS is similar to that on Android, and web applications also support playing games and buying games. < / P > < p > after visiting the website, click the share button and select & quot; add to home screen & quot; option, and stadia can add bonus games to the home screen and launch like a traditional app. < / P > < p > Google first launched stadia a year ago in November 2019, allowing users to play cloud games on compatible laptops, PCs, macs, mobile phones and tablets. Stadia needs more than 10MB / s network connection. Although it is free to use, the game must be purchased. Google also offers stadia pro, a paid service for $10 a month, to unlock some paid games and higher resolution streaming rates. Global Tech