Earlier, the Commission investigated the company’s commitment not to use Fitbit user health data for targeted advertising. According to the Commission’s conditions, the search giant cannot use EU Fitbit user data for advertising. It must maintain a technical separation between Fitbit and Google data and ensure that EU users have a clear choice of health data for other Google services. < p > < p > European competition commissioner Margrethe vestager said in a statement: & quot; we can approve Google’s offer to buy Fitbit because Google has made a commitment to ensure that the wearable device market and the emerging digital health sector will remain open and competitive. &These promises will determine how Google will use the data it collects for advertising purposes, how to ensure interoperability between competitive wearable devices and Android, and how users share health and fitness data. < p > < p > in November 2019, Google announced the acquisition of Fitbit, which will compete with apple, Samsung and Huawei Xiaomi in terms of equipment sales by expanding products other than mobile phones, providing fitness trackers and smart watches. Global Tech