Grado, a high-end audio company, has finally entered the real wireless earplug market with GT220, which promises to provide Grado’s iconic sound;. Like other real wireless headphones on the market, the GT220 earplug has two separate earplugs, which are embedded in the charging box and can provide about 36 hours of playback time. < / P > < p > Grado is a favorite of enthusiasts and music lovers, and its most famous products are reference earphones and prestige series. However, the era of wearing earmuff earphones in public has become a thing of the past. Many consumers tend to use the real wireless earplug as their preferred daily listening device. This makes in the increasingly crowded market, the number of wireless earplug models is surging, but when it comes to the sound quality, both large and small factories are a little lack of confidence. < / P > < p > Grado has finally become one of the companies that offer this kind of auditory experience, pointing out that it has spent years developing the GT220 and is not in a hurry. Despite its small size, the new model offers a significant voice and depth;. Grado describes on its website the types of audio experience consumers can get from the GT220. For this headset, Grado officially describes it as follows: < / P > < p > the midrange response is neutral, without any tone coloring, and the bass is clear and has excellent extension. High frequency response is natural, without any overtones. We treat all drives equally, regardless of size. We spent as much time tuning and installing our signature Mini driver for these TWS headphones. < p > < p > GT220 contains all the functions consumers expect from a real wireless headset, including the ability to charge the earplug multiple times with a charging box, usb-c charging (wireless charging is also supported), touch control of the surface of the earplug, including volume control, and built-in microphone for accessing the phone and voice assistant. Global Tech