Graykey, an iPhone forensics tool produced by grayshift, has emerged in an FCC file to give people a close look at the iPhone unlocking device used by law enforcement officials to obtain data. The graykey device, which made its debut in 2018, is a relatively inexpensive encryption bypass tool mainly used by police and law enforcement organizations. Its aim is to allow investigators to enter locked iPhones without the user’s permission. < / P > < p > there are relatively few photos of the device and the company and its customers are trying to keep it confidential. Earlier releases showed that it consisted of a small gray box with two cables running out to connect to mobile devices, but there was little further information about its design. In the FCC document first reported on motherboard’s website, graykey has very few external details. There are three LED lights on one side, two above the short lightning line, one above the & quot; Status & quot; tag in the middle, and an Ethernet and USB interface for the computer to read data, and a power socket on the back. On the base is a sticker that tells the support and sales website and email address, as well as a phone number. < / P > < p > open graykey and find that the device uses the arm processor of compulab company. A motherboard at the bottom is protected by a metal plate, which is also connected with a loose ultra-thin board for connecting lightning cables and other circuits. In some pictures of the internal structure, there is an SSD on top of the motherboard, although the design of the device indicates that the SSD is not actually part of the component. It seems likely that the SSD was placed to hide the bottom of the board. < / P > < p > equipment sold in the United States usually has to be submitted to the FCC for an FCC ID, which means it will meet FCC standards and be sold safely. Given the nature of graykey, it seems unusual for security devices used by law enforcement agencies to be subject to FCC filings with low confidentiality. < / P > < p > grayshift has found a lot of customers for graykey, because the problem that law enforcement departments have to solve is that they want to obtain the equipment access rights owned by suspects, but they can’t get the password, or they can’t realize it through biometric technology without the cooperation of suspects. The device has been reported to have been used in a number of high-profile investigations, including an FBI investigation at the end of 2019, which is said to have been used to access a locked in iPhone 11 Pro max. < p > < p > in March, grayshift began selling a software tool that can be used to reveal the iPhone’s password without cracking the device. According to reports, the digital forensics tool named & quot; hide UI & quot; is composed of spyware, which can be installed through graykey, and can be used as a keyboard recorder, a tool to monitor users’ password input. Global Tech