Over the years, every year we usher in a new call of duty, which is a carnival for FPS enthusiasts. But this year’s call of duty 17: black action 5, although equally hot, seems to be having some trouble with next generation hosts. There are a lot of feedback when playing cod17 on xsx host, encountering continuous crash, crash and even “brick” the host. < p > < p > junisfoshiz, a user of reddit forum, explained the specific situation. In the process of playing cod17, the xsx system would crash if he played four or five games. At the beginning, he didn’t care too much, just continued to restart the game. Finally, such repeated crashes evolved into a big problem – xsx can’t be started. < / P > < p > soon treyarch officials responded at the bottom of the post, and the community manager said, “we are investigating the crash in the game.” His current advice is to make sure that the game version is xsx, not compatible with X1X. In addition, players said that turning off the light chase option on xsx might help. < / P > < p > and according to the official trello board, the community feedback xsx crash is at the top of the T Group’s agenda to fix the game, and developers are currently working on fixing it. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today