Original title: Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress suggests accelerating the popularization of artificial intelligence education and strengthening the mental health management of young students

The sixth session of the 15th Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress opened on the morning of January 29. The deputies of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress focused on the development of education, explored a new way to popularize artificial intelligence education in primary and secondary schools, and made suggestions on strengthening the mental health management of young students.

The work report of Guangzhou municipal government in 2021 proposes that we should do a good job in people’s satisfaction education.

“We must bring the best education and the most cutting-edge science and technology to let children experience and stimulate their confidence and interest in science and technology.” Chen Wu, deputy to the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and principal of longkouxi primary school in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, said.

Artificial intelligence education is a kind of education carried out by the school with the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence as educational resources, content or curriculum, and with the goal of improving students’ artificial intelligence literacy. She believes that it is a trend for AI education to be widely carried out in primary and secondary schools, but there are still many problems to be solved in order to make AI education truly and effectively implemented.

The shortage of hardware equipment, the disunity of curriculum standards, the ambiguity of teaching contents and objectives, and the shortage of professional teachers restrict the development of AI education. Aiming at a series of “bottlenecks” in the implementation of AI education, Chen Wu suggested that the government strengthen social and cultural guidance and cross departmental top-level design, encourage social forces, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to participate in AI activities, and build an education resource aggregation platform with social organizations as the hub.

Chen Wu believes that the education department should take the cultivation of talents adapting to the era of artificial intelligence as the value orientation, establish the curriculum objectives, improve the content level and teaching system, gradually construct the basic curriculum of artificial intelligence education for all primary and secondary school students, and promote the healthy development of artificial intelligence education in primary and secondary schools. Schools should improve the hardware and software facilities of artificial intelligence education, change the educational concept and teaching methods, from knowledge imparting teaching to focusing on the cultivation of speculative ability, innovation ability, cooperation and communication ability and practical ability, so as to provide students with diversified learning space.

Liang Lizhen, deputy to Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and deputy general manager of Guangzhou Grand Theater, puts her eyes on the level of students’ psychological education, and suggests strengthening the management of young students’ psychological health, guiding and cultivating them to establish a correct outlook on life and psychological quality.

She suggested that, first of all, we should promote the management of teenagers’ mental health to the same important level as the management of physical health, carry out long-term follow-up management, carry out mental health examination for teenagers, provide mental health services, and prevent and intervene the potential factors affecting teenagers’ mental health. Secondly, we can promote the establishment of adolescent students’ mental health files in Guangzhou to record the psychological status of adolescents at different stages.

She believes that the introduction and development of “art therapy” can help students deal with emotional problems, improve the skills of stress management and emotional relief, and improve interpersonal relationships. The school should combine “art therapy” with quality education personnel training, start from the software and hardware, build a teaching team, and support the art creation practice related courses.


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