Halo 4 is the most gorgeous game in Halo: collection of officials. Surprisingly, all the textures look very clear on the PC. This is the first halo game developed by 343 industries, and almost all enemy details have been improved. The game also has some amazing visions and cool lighting effects. < / P > < p > NVIDIA geforce rtx2080ti can run games at speeds of more than 150fps at 4K. The game also did not encounter any mouse smoothing or acceleration problems. In addition, the game does not have any serious frame drop problems. What’s more, halo 4’s beta runs stably and the game doesn’t crash. Therefore, according to the current performance, the final version of halo 4 will run smoothly in various PC configurations. < / P > < p > 343 industries did not disclose the release date of halo 4. However, most of the Games in Halo: a collection of officials were released within weeks of the first test. Global Tech