The 2020 world robot Conference opened in Beijing recently. Hanwang Technology officially released the “go go bird 1000” and “first bird 201” series bionic intelligent flapping birds on the exhibition site. According to reports, the design inspiration of “go go bird1000” series of intelligent flapping wing aircraft comes from the flying mode of eagle, the king of nature. It is a kind of autonomous flying intelligent flapping wing robot bird product integrating high-precision intelligent bionic technology. Its flying posture is flexible and light, and it is close to the real birds in nature. < / P > < p > < p > the core of the “go go bird1000” series is a self-developed chip. Through the aerodynamic design, it can realize the function integration in a compact space. Finally, the “bird” has a body length of 46cm, a wingspan of 60cm, and a weight of only 138 G. Sensors are used to sense flight attitude, and high difficult actions such as straight-line flight, circling flight and “8” flight are realized by adjusting flight attitude; the sensor is used to fix the altitude, and it can fly at the specified altitude; the tail rudder is steplessly adjusted to make it realize stepless steering and more flexible flight. < / P > < p > the follow-up “go go bird1000” product series will also add GPS navigation and video capture and return functions, which will increase the possibility of the application of Bionic Flapping Wing Aircraft in many industries. < / P > < p > for the other product released this time, the wingspan length of the first generation “chutouniao 201” is increased to 36cm compared with the first generation of prodigious bird, which improves the strong power and makes the flight remote control operation more sensitive. The main board is composed of a variety of main control chips, MEMS sensors, electronic components, infrared emission sensors, infrared receiving sensors, etc. the main circuit board adopts ultra-high integration design, so as to achieve small area, light weight and low power consumption. Fixed altitude flight, straight-line flight, special flight performance, such as circling flight, “8” flying, etc. Equipped with stepless adjusting tail rudder, it can realize stepless steering and flexible flight. Zhang Liqing, general manager of the subsidiary company of Hanwang science and Technology (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., said that “go go bird 1000” can not only be used as toys, but also can be used as steam teaching aids and aircraft model props for middle school students. Through the integrated sensor and control technology, students can discover and understand the operation mechanism of nature and Engineering in an interesting way, and cultivate their interest in steam (Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics). It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia