The official version of IOS / ipados 14 has been launched for a week. The new system not only brings new home screen widgets, APP resource library and other appearance changes, but also adds many practical functions, such as the “spatial audio” function of airpods pro, the new native translation app, and the better use of apple pencil features. < / P > < p > compared with the test version, the fluency and stability of the official version of IOS / iPad OS 14 has made great progress. However, according to the feedback from Weifeng community and other users, there are still a few bugs that affect the experience. How many bugs have you encountered?

1. calls do not show the location of ownership: iOS 14 system does not support the display of detailed calls in the past, and domestic calls will be shown from “mainland China”. Ipados: this bug has existed in the test version, but it still hasn’t been fixed after updating to the official version. The main realization is that the icon size of the main screen is inconsistent, and even after switching to the horizontal / vertical screen, there will be big and small changes. Clock widget display error: IOS 14 clock widget displays the local time of Cupertino (Apple headquarters) by default. However, even if the time is changed to Beijing time, some users still report that the time display will be wrong.

  5.App Resource library Pinyin fuzzy search logic confusion: in the previous beta, this problem has been repaired, but the official version still has this problem, which shows that fuzzy search is not accurate enough. For example, the Pinyin of “ZFB”, “zhifubao”, “Wx” can not search Alipay or WeChat, but Weixin can be searched for WeChat, Pinyin fuzzy search. The logic is a bit confusing. < / P > < p > 6. The default browser / mail app will be reset after the device restarts: one of the new features of IOS 14 is to allow users to change the third-party mail / browser app as the default application. However, after the device is restarted, the default mail / browser application will be reset to native mail application and safari browser. < / P > < p > 7. Stuck status of the built-in input method and the switch input method: some users’ reactions updated to IOS 14 will cause stuck and stuck when using the built-in input method. < / P > < p > in addition, some features of the new features of IOS / ipados 14 also cause problems for users. For example, the newly added automatic switching function of airpods will frequently display the “connected” banner at the top of the screen; the prompt of the clipboard privacy reminder function is too frequent (but the root cause of this problem is that the third-party developers allow applications to read the contents of the clipboard at will). Last year, apple pushed IOS 13.1 a week after releasing the official version of IOS 13. However, the second official update of IOS 14 may have to wait until the launch of iPhone 12. At present, apple is testing IOS 14.2. I believe the official version will be more stable and more developers will complete the adaptation of IOS 14. Global Tech