on Tuesday local time, Hawaii governor David Ige signed the House Bill 2590, which will allow companies and carmakers to test autopilot on public roads in Hawaii. < p > < p > statescoop first reported on the signing of the bill, which was introduced in January this year. As for the three-year timetable, the Department of transportation will be required to draft and submit a progress report to inform legislators and the public whether the plan is successful. If the report reveals any major problems, legislators can enact additional legislation to ensure that the automatic driving test is safe for the public. However, the state’s Department of transportation can now start issuing automatic driving permits to manufacturers.

differs from the other 29 states that allow some form of autopilot to test. Hawaii will require an operator to always be equipped with a self driving vehicle. In other states, such as California, it is possible to test without the operator in the car.

Ige points out that Hawaii is an attractive state for testing autopilot cars because it does not share borders with any other state. Companies can test their autopilot free of charge without fear of crossing the interstate line or worrying about running under different regulations.

despite the increased acceptance of automated driving tests in various states, there is still a lack of a nationwide regulatory policy for automatic driving vehicles. Instead, 29 states have passed legislation with different qualifications to enforce the regulations. Global Tech