Every day on the road bustling, there will inevitably be “emotional” time. Recently, a very special traffic accident once again caused widespread concern among netizens. According to reports, on September 21, a car was driving along Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. < / P > < p > from the exposed video, the video car was driving northward on Anding Road. When passing the intersection of Beitucheng, a black Volkswagen car was suddenly inserted from the right rear, and the car was forced to stop three times in succession. < / P > < p > after vehicle a changed lanes to the right, the black Volkswagen car said goodbye to the right again, and then a cup of coffee poured onto the front windshield, completely blocking the driver’s sight. Recently, according to the official media, Beijing Chaoyang District People’s court held a public hearing in the first instance and pronounced a verdict in court. The owner of coffee splashing was convicted of dangerous driving and was sentenced to three months’ detention in the first instance. Su pleaded guilty in court. However, since we are all adults, we should learn to exercise restraint. Global Tech